Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 2014 Update

My update on what's been happening in the last couple of weeks. You'll need a cuppa and an armchair!

Greg has a new second hand car. A little Audi sports coupe that he found at a bargain price. It is bringing him that little bit of enjoyment that keeps him going after a long week of work. It is good to see him taking pleasure in something he has always dreamed of even if it is only a car, it is meaningful and valuable to him and it hasn't broken the bank...yet. He wants to see how it pans out over the next 12 months before he decides if he can afford to keep it or not. I hope he can.

I too have some new wheels. I have a new bike. Just recently I was riding home from fitness training and thinking to myself...I love riding my bike! Next thing I knew, I'd hit a pot hole full of sand and instantly I was catapulted off the seat and fell onto my elbow and head. I broke a small bone in my elbow and my arm is in a sling, thankfully not a plaster, so I'm hoping that it will heal just as the head nurse at the hospital (who I don't think was not a Dr) advised me.

I also have developed a spur in the heel of my right foot which is being treated by phisio, ulta-sound and bandaging. The result has been a much more manageable pain level with times when there is no pain at all, which is great!

I have started swimming, that is when I am not when I am not floating around in a meditative state! It has been a great way to cool down after sweating it out in the studio when the weather is over 30 degrees.

I am currently in a month-long-group art exhibition at Houghton Winery. Sold 4 small paintings amounting to $280 less 20% commission, so that is not yet covering my cost of  around $370 for hanging fees! Still it is early days and anything can happen between now and 26th March when the exhibition closes. Come and visit if you live in Perth!

Residency in April - I am looking forward to another month as artist-residence at the Station Gallery in Beverley. I will be teaching the little bit I know about encaustic art, maybe some more InterPlay with the kids and spend some time focusing on the next couple of art competitions coming up.

I am just about to finish this months classes for Module 1 of my Advanced Diploma in Transpersonel Art Therapy which I started on 7/3/2014. I am loving it. Like coming home to where I belong. I am on a real high at the moment but trying not to show it too much, just in case I find out I am dreaming!
I'll be swinging into my first assignment next week. Already there has been so much self reflection and self-analysis and apparently this is just the beginning. I don't think there will be any dark corner left unswept by the end of this course - understanding, and where possible resolving what's going on in my own head using art therapy seems to be a prerequisite for helping others to do the same. Our own life story/journey is the material we use in class to practice the skills we need. Very interesting.

I want to add this last point which I feel is quite significant. For over 10 years I have been on a regime of medications to treat major depression. Two months ago my specialist started me on a program to slowly reduce the dosages with the aim to removing them completely over 12 months. Because of the regular reoccuring nature and severity of my depression I was originally advised to stay on them for life.
Having experienced no set backs in the last 10 years the suggestion was made to see how I go. I've experienced a few uncomfortable side effects but generally quite manageable. It's a matter of baby steps.

That's all folks!

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