Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning Something New Is Hard To Do!

I am loving my little baritone Uke, but I have to say some of those chords will never see my fingers unless I have my whole hand reconstructed to create grand spaces between my wee fingers!
It is always hard to learn new things and it can leave you feeling quite down when you don’t quite get it. Take for example my new contact lenses that I am trying out for the first time.
All experienced contact users, now is not the time to tell me “It is very easy once you know how and you get used to it.”
Wearing the contacts is no trouble, but it takes me 30mins to put them in and 30 mins to take them out! 

At this stage there is nothing delicate about it. Picking up the lense, making sure this slippery, fragile, almost invisible disc is balancing centrally on your pointer finger, you then have to pry your eye open so you don’t blink because one blink ruins any hope of success. Then, when your eyeball is practically popping out, you have to place the pointer finger with the disc on your eye, feels more like IN your eye, and what is the fist thing you do when anything goes in your eye let alone something the size of your frigging finger...Yes, you blink!  Any way, in Spec Savers, after the optometrist had so skillfully put them in because he has all the fancy machinery and lights.... My job was to get them out. After about 20 mins or more with the sales assistant watching me literally poking my eyes out with little, in fact no success,the head optometrist had to come to the rescue and fish out two folded over contact lenses from each of my watery red and slightly scratched eyes. He suggested coming back another day and trying a slightly thicker contact that will be easier to feel in my eye. What an ordeal! Do you think I was brave enough to go back? Yes.
This time it was my job to put them in. First of all I lost one before I got it onto my finger...vanished! They tend to do that you know. The assistant got a new one and after much poking and prodding I managed to get them both in. I wore them as I drove home and felt quite proud of myself. In the evening I set myself up all clinical-like, with solution, tissues, hand mirror and with renewed vigor I attempted to take them out, being extra careful not to get them folded over again!

Well, 25 mins later I still hadn’t managed to hook the little blighters onto my finger and get them out. I held back the tears, got myself a stiff drink and repeated to myself “ I can do this!” I felt like one of the ‘biggest losers’ on TV! Finally..OMG! one attached itself to my finger.  Progress, yes!.... but it wasn’t the same for the other little shit...no way. In the end I almost gouged my eye out when at last, half a mangled bit of contact and then the other remaining bit of contact released its suction from my eyeball. I was FREE! What a relief!
Question is, will I try again, is it worth the trouble? Considering the amount of times I loose my glasses, yes, I think it is. Wish me luck!


  1. This might be a stupid question, but cant you just leave them in?
    Luv Jade

  2. They were disposable ones, but even the non-diposable shouldn't be left in over night if possible and they last one month before you throw them away. Glad you enjoyed reading. Love you!

  3. Search for Taylor Swift/Zac Efron on Ellen or just click on Plenty of Apples and THAT tune has just flute chords in it...Em G D A. I want to do a parody with the Twin (who sent me the initial link) and I reckon it would sound sick with a uke as well! Say "yes" or "no" but saying "yes" is much more fun mais non?!?!?

    1. Bollocks! Four not five and my phone is playing up and isn't letting me go back and delete and edit. Took logging in and out of my account FOUR times to reply properly to someone earlier. Spoke to Madeline RE: your contacts. Aye