Friday, February 28, 2014

I thought this was really special...

Dear Jan,
    Any excuse I suppose to stop work on a busy day but this one is special.  I was thinking of the meaning and value of gifts.   Its a lovely sunny morning and one of my rare washing days (About 3 a month)  As I hang out the washing I pick out the pegs that you took the trouble to hand paint for me what could be nearly 15 years ago by now and the effect is always the same.  As I handle the peg, a simple gift but a special gift because I am the only one who has this gift . . . .as I handle it, I see your lovely face and red hair and its almost like you are here helping me.
   I hope you don't think that I am losing it, its just that I see you at that time, very short of money but never short of love, making your Dad something that is useful and to me, it carries more thought and treasure than the gift of a gold watch.
   I thank my God for the gift of you in my life,
   Dont answer Jan . . . .just know that I love you very much.
   Dad . . . . xxx

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