Friday, May 4, 2012


 'Holy Spirit' by Janet Pfeiffer
Finally... I made it back! 
No longer do you have to see that annoying picture of a french know, the one at the top of my last post way back when!

Seriously, if I am just writing this blog for myself, I might as well scribble away in a journal. But I now want to generate followers and build up a community of fellow artists and wise ones who are on the same page.
One artist once said on her blog ' An Artist's Journal', that the really important thing is to blog on a regular basis. You will get followers who will look for your posts and will lose interest if you are sporadic. So decide how often and just do it!" 
The health professionals say "It is good to be regular"
I'd like to commit daily to my blog. It is now going to be more about my journey as a full time studio artist. I have recently been through a huge transition, joined Artsource and shifted into my new studio next door to 18 other artists in a Midland WA. 

A favourite blog of mine named 'Capricorn73' by artist Gary Reef, says he has just shifted from Norway into a studio that looks similar to mine, except in Brunswick-Melbourne Vic. He had a timely message for me. He said "One thing I have realised in this 'transition' phase is how important it is to keep focusing on your 'purpose'. I am always telling people to be consistent, dedicated and devoted to their art practice because it is only then you will make a difference and create an impact."

 English Gypsy (I may change the name soon) will now be about an 'emerging' artist. Yes, I have graduated apparently to 'emerging'. You will hear of my experiences good and bad, my influences and what I am daily discovering and processing in my creative work and life. See you tomorrow, same place but hopefully a little earlier in the day!

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