Saturday, May 5, 2012

Studio One

Have been driving out to Midland daily and putting in about 5hrs at the studio. I'm back on the gum leaf series again. It is so tempting to distract myself from the task at hand and instead go play with the art materials all around me in the room, but I am committed to pushing through and dealing with all the difficulties that these leaf projects are throwing at me. 

I now understand how important it is for me to learn to stay confident and work through to the stage of finishing a body of work and then showing it.
We have an Open Day on the 10th June at our Midland Studio's where the public can walk through and meet the Artist and buy the art if they wish.     

I will also be involved with an exhibition in Ellenbrook Gallery in October.

It seems there are many more opportunities opening up to me now that I am a member of Artsource and renting their studio's.

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