Monday, March 5, 2012

French Stick

How do you end up with empty fridge, empty fruit bowl, and nothing in the cupboard thats worth cooking and go food shopping only to come home with a 4-pack of Smirnoff and a french stick!

It is because you have been busy and you decided to leave the shopping till hubby gets back from a week away interstate. You decide to do it Monday morning before picking him up from the airport but it just happens to be a public holiday...everyone knows that except you!

So the only stores open at 9am on a public holiday, in my local shopping centre, is the bottle shop.
freshly baked French stick bread isolated against white Royalty Free Stock Photo
I was making my way back to the car when I spied through the glass door of the bottle shop some bags of bread rolls for sale. I thought at least I can get some bread because we are out of that too! So I went in to check them out. They cost $1.89 a bag. I didn't have any loose change, in fact my purse was empty!

The assistant was a big beefy guy who looked like he really didn't want to be at work today of all days. I guessed he wan't going to put a dollar something on my plastic card, so I wondered all purposeful like around the boxes piled high of alcohol, thinking what am I doing in here? I should put the bread down,  hold my head high and find the door (alcohol gives me a headache anyway)

Just then the beefy assistant asked "Are you looking for anything?" I answered, "No thanks, I'm fine, just looking" (as you do, in a bottle-o before 9am on a Monday frigging morning!)

Anyway I started to relax and found something I thought I might enjoy drinking. I proceeded to confidently pull the pack from the fridge trying to ignore the price, swapped the bag of rolls for a french stick (same price) paid with my card and I was out of there. Pity he didn't sell salami and tasty cheese!


  1. You have out done yourself! I'm in tears of laughter as I type this - dear oh dear! Never ever, ever change cause you're the sort who brightens up days! Quick, where's the tissue? F@ck you're funny!

    Belated Happy Labour Day JA and see you in a couple of hours!

    Love (",) ooxxoo

    PS - And yes, I did delete the other comment cause there was a typo in it!

  2. Jeez Janet, that was funny !! There is so much of 'ME' in you. The way you think and 'do'. I just relate to the absent mindedness . . . thinking of what is of importance at the time and pushing mundane things like shopping, registering the truck and getting a haircut to the back to be done later only to find later that its to bloody late!!! We'll have to get our act together eh? Love You . . . . Dad xx

  3. I'm enjoying reading this Janet, it's hilarious! This was funny but the contact lenses episode was brilliant, I could relate to it all from my own brief, failed attempt with them. Did you succeed in the end?