Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is on the horizon?

I am quoting from a paragraph that caught my attention in a book about the Iona Community:

Good practice and good order are necessary to the communal well-being and to individual flourishing but this does not automatically lead to an approach that relies on rules and regulations that operate like straight- jackets: there must also be the element of flexibility and imagination that leaves room for creativity and growth.

I often thought of myself as a rebel in the negative sense. I prefer the idea that I am flexible, imaginative, creative and continually growing! This is clearly apparent in the way that I choose to paint. I see now that it is just as apparent in the way I want to live out my spiritual life too.

I have felt really excited and anxious lately. I sense there is a big change on the horizon for me, a change for good, that leads me closer to some of my goals. I have some idea what it may entail but I don't have the full picture. The anticipation is getting a little frustrating. It is like I'm at a crossroads. Not sure which way to go. The lights are still on red. I'm waiting for them to turn green. I'm in a hurry but I know God is not. I don't actually know where I'm going to hurry off to! But, something is in the air. The next step toward my future and I'm getting a little ant-sy. Maybe I'm ready for the new year to start. Bring on 2012!
I'll try to keep these words on my mind:

Live each day as though it was your first day and your last day.

Will write more soon

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